Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm back! And so is Justin Timberlake! (for good...?)

This is going to be a half a post. I'm going to say hi! I'm back! Sorry, I went through a really rough patch last Spring. And then Summer was spent working up the nerve to do something about that. Then I started school (again) in the Fall. I'm in a much better place though, and I have a few ideas for posts. So I hope you're in the mood for pity laughs! Because they're my favorite kind!

In other news, I was at work really early this morning (like, 7:30am? Which I realize isn't super early for everyone, but personally, I'd rather be asleep) listening to the store's radio system when I had a thought. But first there's a really long tangential so just try and follow me, okay?

My shift started at 6am and shortly after the girl I relieved (finally) left, I heard "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake.


I can definitely groove to this.

Until the next song (which was one of those awful "Glee" originals)...

But no matter! I usually have a pretty good time when I work this shift. The customers are mostly morning people who are always happy you see you.

A little while later as I start to mop the floor of snow for the millionth time in an hour (I forgot to mention, I live in New York. Oh wait, I have mentioned that. Whatever.), I hear a familiar song begin to play over the loudspeakers.

It's "Cry Me a River."


It was barely like, an hour.

And here's the thing... I really like Justin Timberlake. Probably more than the average layperson. I've seen every episode of SNL where he's been either host or musical guest. I stayed up every night for Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year. I loved *NSYNC when I was younger, and followed Justin because hello, he was obviously the best member. His decision to go solo was best for everyone.

(Except the other boys in the band. Probably.)

However don't we think that hearing the same Justin Timberlake song twice in ~an hour is a bit much? If you're binging and have the song on repeat in your room, that's one thing. But this is a corporate grocery chain!

Come on guys, step up your game.

(PS I could write an entire blog post about that picture of NSYNC. They were such BABIES. And look at Justin's frosted tip ramen noodle hair. And Lance is just squished in there like it's cool I like dicks. Oh god that was inappropriate, wasn't it? I'm going to quit while I'm ahead here.)

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