Thursday, February 14, 2013

Netflix is my boyfriend.

It feels like everyone plays the "bitter single" at some point in their life. Usually it happens after a breakup, or on Valentines or something like that. Some people claim they are totally happy being single, and maybe most of the time they are, but everyone wants to have someone once in a while.

I am the first to admit that I play this role--and often. Some guy didn't want to flirt with me? Loser. All of them. A guy I liked wouldn't add me on facebook? Gay. And a jerk. There's a man-hating excuse to every scenario. Is that a good thing? Well no, probably not. But that's another post for another day, because today? Today I had a somewhat overwhelming revelation.

Netflix is my boyfriend.

Or, at least, the closest thing I have to it.

After I had the initial thought, I just kept coming up with more reasons it is true. Think about it... Netflix spends most evenings with me. It's always up for some snuggling next to the laptop whether we're watching a romcom, a political thriller (I just started House of Cards. I love it.), a sitcom, or even a really bad reality television show. Netflix makes me feel better when I'm sad just by being there. If someone cancels on me? That's okay. Netflix has dozens of suggestions for what we should do. Oh, you liked that show? Try this one!

Really, it's no surprise that I'm preparing for a life of spinsterhood. Well, as long as we can change the "crazy old cat lady" stereotype to "that lady who talks about tv characters like they're real."

Anyway, I'm off to spend some time with my boyfriend... Happy Valentine's Day, guys! :)

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